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The Traditional Method of Visiting a Car Dealership, Selecting a Vehicle, and Waiting for an Approval is STRESSFUL.
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Car Payments are Determined by 3 Factors:


This element describes the total cost of a vehicle, including all administrative fees, taxes, and any optional add-on charges that you may have upgraded in your vehicle.


This element describes the total duration of time that payments will be made for. The term may be as short as 18 months or as long as 108 months (depending on credit strength).

Interest Rates

This element describes the percentage of interest on the principal borrowed for the vehicle. This is determined by the perceived credit worthiness of the applicant based on the applicant’s current credit report.

When your vehicle financing has been finalized, you are making payments to the financial institution that your loan was approved with. This increases your credit rating gradually as payments are made on time. Credit rating is an important component in assessing the perceived credit worthiness of an applicant for vehicle financing. Your credit rating determines the effective interest rate that you qualify for at any given time.

At Approval Capital, we have partnered up with all the major banks and financial institutions to secure financing for our clients regardless of their current credit rating. In addition, we have simplified the car searching process by partnering up with a large network of dealers in Ontario. Our Sales Specialists and Finance Managers will help you find the perfect vehicle that meets your requirements and is within the guidelines of your credit approval.

What You Need

1. Employment & Income

Ideally you will need to be working for a minimum duration of 3 months and have a monthly combined income of approximately $1800. Certain types of special income (i.e. government assistance, child support, etc.) may qualify.

2. Driver's License

It is important that one of the applicants on the file have a valid G2 driver’s license. You may qualify for vehicle financing with a G1 license, provided that a co-applicant is added to the file for security.

3. Bank Account

The payments for the registered car loan must come out of a bank account (chequing or saving). Credit card payments or line-of-credit payments are not permitted as these are revolving credits. A void cheque or a per-authorized payment form your financial institution will be required at the time of your appointment.

4. Current Address

Proof of your current address may be fulfilled by providing a letter from any official institution (i.e. utility bill, credit card bill, cell phone bill. etc.).

5. Down Payment

A down payment shows how serious the applicant is to the financial institution. Although $0 Down Payment is possible, it is sometimes recommended the applicant put down a small down payment (i.e. $500-1500) to secure better financing terms.

Connect with a Finance Manager

Complete our online application and a team member will contact you to book an appointment with one of our Finance Managers in a location nearest to you. Our Finance Managers have years of experience in helping applicants secure favourable financing options regardless of their current credit rating.

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If you have any further questions regarding how car financing works or questions about your current credit situation, please contact us via the Message Us forum on the main page. We are here to answer all your questions and ensure you are fully informed and completely satisfied with our services.


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