Indeed you can, and here at Approval Capital we highly suggest you do. We will help you repair the damages and construct a new route back to good credit!

Often many customers are promised an approximate 10-12 month credit rebuilding program, but these types of promises aren’t relatable to all. Not every customer has the same type of situation. At Approval Capital we promise improvements in your rate within months and hold ourselves accountable to repairing your credit rate in the fastest way possible.

Certainly, remember a good credit rate doesn’t mean a great credit rate!. Getting approved doesn’t just depend on a good rate it is also based on the overall picture of the customers situation (i.e debt ratio, low income, disability, total debt ratio,etc). We work with rates that best suit your buying situation thanks to the access we have from various sources.

We have over 20 years of affiliation and combined experience with large financial institutions that allows us to get you an approval in places other businesses may not be able too. Plain and simple WE CARE!!! Our number one goal at Approval capital is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary. Your situation matters to us and we will strive together to get you back on track and into your desired vehicle.