Second chances are important when it comes to financing an automobile. This is something we strongly believe in at Approval Capital. It doesn’t matter to us how bad your credit has been in the past. We are happy to help you start your new beginning. Banks, credit unions and traditional dealerships are not willing to give someone with bad credit another chances. We say yes, when the traditional lenders all say no.

We will give you the financing opportunity regardless of our customers credit history. Credit financing is something be believe in and are very passionate about. We specialize and focus on getting you financing through major loan and lending institutions, regardless of any bad credit history. You can see on our customers testimonials page that this isn’t just a catchphrase, this is something we have been actively helping local residents with for over 10 years. You the customer are our main priority. We will work with you to ensure that our service, and commitment to providing people with bad credit a second chance is second to none.

To view our customer testimonials page, please click here. If you have any questions regarding credit rebuilding please call us on 905-458-0727.